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YOUTH - The humans who carry confidence in their sleeves.
MODERN YOUTH - The humans who carry confidence with the mixture of knowledge and intelligence under their sleeves. There used to be a time when more than half of the young generation had a lot of confidence in themselves, but their bad luck was that they didn't know how to use that immense amount of confidence for their own good. Now the times have changed, with the sense of realization and awareness coming into play. That very young generation have modernized themselves in a way, which has the amalgamation of both the future and past i.e the Young and the Old generation. These present-day people are not just energetic and enthusiastic about what they want to do, at the same time they are aware and calm about the precautions that need to be taken in doing the work they want to do. Now comes the most important part!!!
On what basis I am speaking and writing this - there must be some data or proof because of which I am able to…

How much do you love yourself???

You read it right.
How much do you love yourself? Strange!!!
Ever thought of asking this question to yourself!!
Maybe you didn't feel it necessary to ask such a cliche question.
I mean who does not love themselves. Everybody does. Right !!
Or maybe not!! Okay, no problem!! We will find out. We all have someone in our life, for whom we can go to any extent to make them happy. May it be the mother, father, daughter, son, friend, partner etc. It can be anyone.
But how far would you go, to make yourself happy??? Sounding selfish!!!
Selfish is not when you do something good for yourself, selfishness is when you stop doing something for someone else...! You work an extra hour almost alternate day so that your boss or manager is happy!!
But when did you work an extra hour on your body, so that you can feel happy at the end of it!! You plan trips to religious places every time so that your parents can enjoy!!!
But when did you last planned a trip to a place, where you actually feel l…

How many times of the day, you have got the chance to be YOU???

Being You- This is the most difficult part of today's busy world.
We all are living a life, in which we portray a character of someone else almost the entire duration in which are mentally active. This means we are forcing ourselves to lead a life of someone who we are not.
Doing this may make us mentally strong, but it starts destroying us internally once and forever. Day by Day and bit by bit, we lose our own perception and start forgetting who we are and what our actual motive is.
We always complain about the life we are living.  But do we have any right to do so?
I mean who are we complaining to?
To ourselves?
If yes, then it's fine.
But if we are complaining the whole thing to somebody else and blaming someone else for the situation we are in and for the kind of lifestyle we are living, then we need to think all over again.
Because it is no one but we, who are responsible for our situation. We chose to be someone else and adjusted to that. So, now that we are almost living…


Love - The moment we hear this four-letter beautiful word, the world suddenly seems to be a far better place than it was a few moments ago...! This is the beauty of love. The kind of feeling it provides and the way it encapsulates you with the bubbles of emotions and happiness, it cannot be explained in mere words ..! But some people consider Love and Crush to be two different emotion and feeling. But it is not so. Crush - As the name suggests is the compressed form of Love. Crush can be also called the trailer or the trial period for Love. It is like the return and cancellationpolicy that the company provides. You can use for 10-30 days and if you do not like, return the product.
Same is the case with Love and Crush. During your trial period, you can decide on whether it is suitable for you to confirm it to the status of Love or trying someone else....!
Like every product has a different returnpolicy, every Crush has a different period of cancellation too, which is based on endurance t…


                                                                                 Procrastination- It is not a habit, but an attitude...!
An attitude which when exceeds a certain limit becomes negative and deadly. This kind of attitude when becomes an addiction, have the ability to kill your effectiveness and efficiency. Ever thought why do we procrastinate things? It can be either due to two of the below reasons- You are afraid of taking up the work.You think it is not that important to be done for the time being.
If you are among the ones who procrastinate things due to 1st reason, then it is absolutely very necessary to change the process of doing your activities. The work or activity which seems difficult today will not become less complex or easy the next day by some magic or so.
Neither your work will vanish one fine day like there is an expiry for the consumer durables. Works don't come with an expiry date, so there is no valid point in the world to procrastinate the work whi…


A day well spent is a day added to your short span of life. A day wasted is a day reduced from your long span of life.
Choose wisely, before you kick-start your day.
Our life consists of a bundle of a few days which is distributed in the form of packets of 24 hours. We are not provided with this bundle of energy all at a time, it has to be earned from our ALMIGHTY. A single packet at a time at least. This packet of energy is ours, it is we who need to decide how to utilize this day and get ready for the next packet which might come our way.
So, here are a few thoughts I would like to share with all my readers on how to plan a day and make it count. I don't know if it is all right and if it is the best advice one can give to someone, but what I am sure is that it has helped me make my life easy and peaceful.
SO, here it starts-
PLAN - First thing first we should not forget to make a list of the High priority and Least priority activities which one needs to complete on a particular d…


MINIMALISM- Is it a blessing or a curse???
                             Is it a magic you want to experience or a bad dream you want to keep away???

I don't know what is your take on the above two questions....!

No matter what you feel about MINIMALISM, just be here with this post for not more than 5 minutes and I bet it will change your thought process on how you look towards MINIMALISM.

There is no particular definition of MINIMALISM, but it can be put together into words as a path you chose to live with when you live without the material comfort.

Minimalism is a kind of lifestyle where you don't have a love for the luxurious items in your life.

In the last 5 months, I realized the importance of MINIMALISM. I was never the one who would have supported minimalism, especially if I am earning a handful of sufficient money. Being in the capital city, it never gave me the luxury of time to think, what impact could minimalism have on the life of people in this world.

But as I belie…